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Table 1 Response categories according to ELN AML recommendations guidelines

From: Prognostic implications of IDH1rs11554137 and IDH2R140Q SNPs mutations in cytogenetically normal acute myeloid leukemia

Category Response Definition Comment
CR without minimal residual disease (CRMRD-) If studied pretreatment, CR with negativity for a genetic marker by RT-qPCR or CR with negativity by MFC Sensitivities vary by marker tested and by method used; therefore, test used and sensitivity of the assay should be reported; analyses should be done in experienced laboratories (centralized diagnostics)
Complete remission (CR) Bone marrow blasts < 5%, absence of circulating blasts and blasts with Auer rods, absence of extramedullary disease, ANC ≥ 1 × 109/L; platelet count ≥ 100 × 109/L MRD+ or unknown
CR with incomplete hematologic recovery (CRi) All CR criteria except for residual neutropenia (< 1 × 109/L) or thrombocytopenia (< 100 × 109/L)  
Morphologic leukemia-free state (MLFS) Bone marrow blasts < 5%, absence of blasts with Auer rods, absence of extramedullary disease, no hematologic recovery required Marrow should not merely be “aplastic”; at least 200 cells should be enumerated or cellularity should be at least 10%
Partial remission (PR) All hematologic criteria of CR, decrease of bone marrow blast percentage to 5–25%, and decrease of pretreatment bone marrow blast percentage by at least 50% Especially important in the context of phase 1–2 clinical trials
  1. ANC absolute neutrophil count
  2. Dohner et al. [13]