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Table 4 Aminoglycoside modifying enzyme-encoding genes profile among the 50 high-level aminoglycoside resistance Enterococcus species strains

From: Detection of high level aminoglycoside resistance genes among clinical isolates of Enterococcus species

Enterococcus speciesAminoglycoside modifying enzyme-encoding genes profile
aac(6′)-Ie-aph(2″)-Ia + veaph(3′)-IIIa + veaac(6′)-Ie-aph(2″)-Ia + ve and aph(3′)- IIIa + veaac(6′)-Ie-aph(2″)-Ia ve and aph(3′)- IIIa-ve
E. faecalis (N = 30)78105
E. faecium (N = 15)2562
E. gallinarum (N = 4)0202
E. casseliflavus (N = 1)0010
  1. Data are presented as numbers (N)