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Table 5 Performance characteristics of miR-21 expression (2−∆Ct), SNAP II, and predictive probabilities in sepsis survivors and non-survivors

From: Evaluation of the clinical value of circulating miR-101, miR-187 and miR-21 in neonatal sepsis diagnosis and prognosis

VariablesAUC (95% CI)Cutoff pointsSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)P value
MiR-210.793 (0.644–0.942)3.4862.588.20.001*
SNAP II score0.781 (0.622–0.940)4168.885.30.001*
PP0.928 (0.858–0.998)0.48881.391.20.001*
  1. PP predictive probabilities, CI confidence interval; *P < 0.05 is significant