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Table 1 Comparison between MetS group and non-MetS (control) group in relation to demographic data, MetS criteria, and biochemical parameters

From: The associations among RARRES2 rs17173608 gene polymorphism, serum chemerin, and non-traditional lipid profile in patients with metabolic syndrome

VariablesMetS group(n, 100)Non-MetS group (n, 68)p value
Mean/number(%)/± SDMean/number(%)/± SD
Age (years)43.8814.4044.5316.810.85
Waist (cm)105.3614.9078.0015.67< 0.001
SBP (mmHg)123.8016.74115.887.830.012
DBP (mmHg)82.209.1676.477.130.003
FBG (mg/dl)166.4074.73105.2283.870.02
TC (mg/dl)209.5751.56184.5171.870.07
TG (mg/dl)191.0882.40114.2037.750.002
HDL-C (mg/dl)39.4029.4655.6620.47< 0.01
LDL-C (mg/dl)132.2465.87103.5469.910.06
Total Lipid611.69128.27528.77173.68< 0.01
TC/HDL-C11.4117.053.641.64< 0.01
Non HDL (TC-HDL-C)170.1662.58128.8570.230.006
Serum chemerin (ng/ml)554.64166.06359.59205.39< 0.0001
Serum creatinine (mg/dl)0.830.350.820.290.846
Serum urea (mg/dl)16.122.1115.233.10.018
eGFR (ml/min/1.73 m2)107.212.4108.311.10.557
  1. Data are represented as mean ± SD or number (n) and percentage. The independent samples t test was used to compare between means of different parameters in MetS and non-MetS groups. Chi-square test was used to analyze the significance between the percentages
  2. p < 0.05 is considered to be a significant value
  3. SBP systolic blood pressure, DBP diastolic blood pressure, eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate, FBG fasting blood glucose, HDL-C high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, LDL-C low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, TC total cholesterol, TG triglyceride, VLDL very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol