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Table 3 Multiple linear regression analysis of the predictor variables of serum chemerin, waist circumference, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and fasting blood glucose in MetS group

From: The associations among RARRES2 rs17173608 gene polymorphism, serum chemerin, and non-traditional lipid profile in patients with metabolic syndrome

 Beta coefficientp value Beta coefficientp value
Independent variables of chemerin serum levelsIndependent variables of SBP
 (Constant) 0.766 (Constant) 0.000
 WC (cm)− 0.1630.275 Total lipid0.1420.601
 SBP (mmHg)0.2860.126 TC/HDL-C− 3.7740.540
 DBP (mmHg)− 0.0430.812 TG/HDL-C1.1780.570
 FBG (mg/dl)0.1940.177 LDL/HDL-C2.8910.499
 HbA1c (%)0.2910.04   
 TC (mg/dl)− 0.0660.630 Non HDL-C (TC-HDL-C)− 0.3280.227
 TG (mg/dl)0.4040.004 Chemerin (ng/ml)0.3060.076
 HDL-C (mg/dl)− 0.0860.592 LDL-C (mg/dl)− 1.1890.254
 VLDL(mg/dl)1.6890.000 HDL-C(mg/dl)− 0.2800.538
 Age(years)0.5340.001 TG (mg/dl)− 0.3130.426
 BMI (weight kg/height m2)− 0.2570.098 TC (mg/dl)0.8930.279
Independent variables of waist circumferenceIndependent variables of DBP
 (Constant)0.226 (Constant)0.000
 BMI0.6700.000 Total lipid− 0.0300.116
 Chemerin (ng/ml)− 0.0320.757 TC/HDL-C1.5130.640
 Glucose (mg/dl)0.1340.201 TG/HDL-C− 0.1710.824
 HbA1c0.3010.004 LDL/HDL-C− 1.4720.623
 TC (mg/dl)− 0.0180.853 Non HDL-C (TC-HDL-C)0.0120.756
 HDL-C (mg/dl)0.3210.004 Chemerin (ng/ml)0.0120.194
 Total lipid0.5370.032 LDL-C (mg/dl)− 0.0930.526
 TC/HDL-C− 14.7560.006 HDL-C(mg/dl)− 0.1020.482
 TG/HDL-C5.3830.003 TG (mg/dl)− 0.0240.587
 LDL/HDL-C9.7020.010 TC (mg/dl)0.0610.682
Independent variables of blood glucoseIndependent variables of TG
 (Constant)0.326 (Constant)0.226
 Total lipid0.5700.034 Chemerin (ng/ml).0010.426
 TC/HDL-C− 15.6390.011 TC (mg/dl)0.6360.000
 TG/HDL-C4.5990.025 HDL-C (mg/dl)0.3490.000
 LDL/HDL-C11.5730.007 LDL-C (mg/dl)0.7800.000
 Non HDL-C (TC-HDL-C)− 0.5680.032 DBP (mmHg)0.2390.131
 Chemerin (ng/ml)0.1710.296 VLDL0.120.276
 LDL-C (mg/dl)0.8580.394 Age (Years)0.3910.023
 HDL-C (mg/dl)0.6940.120 BMI (weight kg/height m2).0.1030.580
 TG (mg/dl)0.2760.469 Waist (Cm)0.0850.664
 TC (mg/dl)− 0.5230.511 SBP (mmHg)0.0580.732
  1. p value less than 0.05 is considered significant. Significant results are marked bold
  2. WC waist circumference, FBG fasting blood glucose, TC total cholesterol, TG triglycerides, HDL-C high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, LDL-C low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, SBP systolic blood pressure, DBP diastolic blood pressure