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Table 5 Comparison between genotypes of RARRES2 rs17173608 gene polymorphism according to demographic characters, criteria of MetS, and chemerin level in the MetS group (n = 100)

From: The associations among RARRES2 rs17173608 gene polymorphism, serum chemerin, and non-traditional lipid profile in patients with metabolic syndrome

VariablesTT (n,36)GG (n, 32)TG (n, 32)ANOVAp value
Mean± SDMean± SDMean± SD
Age (year)51.5615.5237.6311.0741.5012.794.970.011
BMI (weight kg/height m2)35.853.4140.91≠$6.7835.714.255.8030.006
Waist (cm)103.4413.36110.0017.84102.8813.071.1540.324
SBP (mmHg)129.4422.55122.508.56118.7514.081.8630.166
DBP (mmHg)84.4411.7478.133.5983.758.852.4990.093
Chemerin (ng/ml)437.00132.10228.88≠$48.08387.75204.499.627< 0.001
FBG (mg/dl)177.9882.68136.6446.38183.1483.321.9600.152
HbA1C (%)9.473.696.151.867.902.895.3510.008
TC (mg/dl)203.9054.59233.6549.99191.8642.643.0280.058
TG (mg/dl)212.3078.52151.7927.37206.50109.562.9050.065
HDL-C (mg/dl)50.0042.0738.2617.8628.6315.782.3740.104
LDL-C (mg/dl)113.5282.69164.7537.27120.7857.863.1770.049
VLDL (mg/dl)40.6117.3030.645.3246.8035.922.0140.145
Total lipid620.33135.15619.09110.87594.56142.470.2030.817
Non HDL-C (TC-HDL-C)153.9085.14195.3938.05163.2445.642.0950.134
  1. The parametric one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by post hoc test was used to compare between the three genotypes of RARRES2 rs17173608 polymorphism and all parameters. Data are represented as mean ± SD. p < 0.05 is considered to be a significant value
  2. p value for comparison between GG vs TT
  3. $Significant p value for comparison between GG vs TG