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Table 3 Agreement (sensitivity, specificity) for different parameters to diagnose mutated cases cut-off point as described in the ROC curve

From: Prognostic significance of DNMT3a gene expression and reactive nitrogen species in newly diagnosed Egyptian de novo adult acute myeloid leukemia patients

  AUC P 95% C.I Cut-off Sensitivity Specificity PPV NPV
DNMT3A expression 0.683 0.063 0.50–0.87 >46.5 75.0 60.61 40.9 87.0
NO level 0.616 0.238 0.43–0.80 ≤13.4 75.0 51.52 36.0 85.0
  1. AUC area under a curve, P value probability value, CI confidence intervals, NPV negative predictive value, PPV positive predictive value