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Table 3 Biomarkers fold change in the studied groups

From: Long non-coding RNA HOTAIR and HOTTIP as potential biomarkers for hepatitis C virus genotype 4-induced hepatocellular carcinoma

n = 25
Group I
(CLD without HCC)
n = 50
Group II
CLD with HCC
n = 25
Subgroup Ia
(CLD without cirrhosis)
n = 25
Subgroup Ib
(CLD with cirrhosis)
n = 25
Fold-changeType of RegulationFold-changeType of RegulationFold-changeType of Regulation
  1. The fold change results depend on the fold change low: fold-change (2^(−Delta Delta Ct)) is the normalized gene expression (2^(−Delta Ct)) in the test sample divided the normalized gene expression (2^(−Delta Ct)) in the control sample. (Fold-change values less than 1 indicate a negative or downregulation