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Table 6 Diagnostic performances of HOTAIR and HOTTIP to discriminate (cirrhotic and HCC) patients from CLD patients

From: Long non-coding RNA HOTAIR and HOTTIP as potential biomarkers for hepatitis C virus genotype 4-induced hepatocellular carcinoma

Biomarkers in the studied groupsCutoffSensitivitySpecificityPPVNPVAccuracyAUC95% CIp value
HOTAIRCirrhotic vs non-cirrhotic4.748.–68.40.8
HCC vs non-cirrhotic>–91.7< 0.0001**
HCC vs cirrhotic>–84.10.007**
HCC vs CLD without HCC>–86.50.001**
HOTTIPCirrhotic vs non-cirrhotic13.432.0100.0100.059.566.053.937.1–70.80.64
HCC vs non-cirrhotic> 13.452.0100.0100.067.676.070.856.2–85.40.005**
HCC vs cirrhotic> 34.836.092.081.859.064.065.851.3–80.40.03*
HCC vs CLD without HCC> 16.648.088.066.777.274.768.355.0–81.70.007**
  1. PPV Positive predictive value, NPV Negative predictive value and AUC Area under curve, *p value <0.05 is significant, **p value <0.01 is highly significant