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Table 7 Univariate analysis showing the predictive power of different biomarkers for cirrhosis and HCC diagnosis

From: Long non-coding RNA HOTAIR and HOTTIP as potential biomarkers for hepatitis C virus genotype 4-induced hepatocellular carcinoma

 BiomarkerOR95% C.Ip value
Cirrhotic vs non-cirrhoticHOTAIR1.1110.998–1.2360.05*
HCC vs non-cirrhoticHOTAIR1.1411.026–1.2700.01*
HCC vs cirrhoticHOTAIR1.0270.994–1.0620.1
HCC vs CLD without HCCHOTAIR1.0471.011–1.0840.01*
  1. OR Odd ratio, C.I Confidence interval
  2. p value calculated depend on logistic regression analysis, *p value <0.05 is significant, **p value <0.01 is highly significant