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Table 1 Cytogenetic variants of CML and examples of some additional chromosomal abnormalities in Ph+ cells and Ph− cells

From: Chronic myeloid leukemia: cytogenetics and molecular biology’s part in the comprehension and management of the pathology and treatment evolution

Cytogenetic variants  
Complex translocations including chromosome 9, 22 and at least one additional chromosome  
Simple translocations of 22ql l-qter to a chromosome other than 9  
Ph chromosome which has lost its typical 22q− aspect  
Ph negative (Ph−)  
Additional chromosomal abnormalities  
Ph+ cells Ph− cells
Major pathway trisomy 8
trisomy 8 t(6; 9) (p21; q34.1)
+der (22) t(9; 22) + mar
i (17) (q10)  
trisomy 19  
Minor pathway  
t(3; 21) (q26; q22)  
(− 7, − 17, + 17, + 21, and − Y)