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Table 1 The unique SNPs which characterize convalescent, ICU, moderately, and severely SARS-CoV-2-infected individuals when compared against healthy control individuals in our analysis

From: Investigating expressed RNA variants that are related to disease severity in SARS-CoV-2-infected patients with mild-to-severe disease

Convalescent ICU Moderate Severe
rs4925543 rs5773124 rs426336 rs4919633
rs11250238 rs2810904 rs7523422 rs2957516
rs6597801 rs947480 rs2778979 rs937540
rs60754073 rs5780160 rs945310 rs2627222
rs7335867 rs2782828 rs945309 rs8106384
rs568078 rs708776 rs421262 rs6736913
  rs1017361 rs11071466 rs2721167
  rs6602492 rs2053632  
  rs7081726 rs1650996  
  rs637186 rs1230402  
  rs949324 rs1230403  
  rs949323 rs6431959  
  rs4944853 rs7593113  
  rs6589689 rs2695342  
  rs3759301 rs6042507  
  rs395545 rs2249317  
  rs27194 rs6045554  
  rs1599882 rs444271  
  rs7249826 rs713942  
  rs6083718 rs910798  
  rs4838864 rs1042979  
  rs1533270 rs10582753  
  rs6763154 rs3087885  
  rs4689037 rs4862412  
  rs4689524 rs832582  
  rs758328 rs67794491  
  rs10028164 rs308365  
  rs1291602 rs28376231  
  rs40273 rs4895944  
  rs2234026 rs614754  
  rs1546963 rs327222  
  rs3747807 rs7854035  
  rs2442513 rs7039828