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Table 1 Role of EN2 gene in the development of the cerebellum

From: Role of engrailed homeobox 2 (EN2) gene in the development of the cerebellum and effects of its altered and ectopic expressions

Main findings Study models References
EN2 (engrailed homeobox 2) gene encodes homeodomain containing transcription factor EN2 In vitro, Human [1, 2]
Mesencephalon-metencephalon junction consists of Fgf8. It activates rat sarcoma virus- extracellular signal regulated kinase (Ras-ERK) signaling pathway that regulates the expression of the EN2 gene Review [8]
Zic1 coordinates with Noggin/Chordin for the expression of the Wnt1 gene and that activates the expression of the EN2 gene In vitro, Xenopus and Drosophila [3]
Expression of the EN2 gene is essential for the normal development of the cerebellum, morphological organization, cerebellar foliation, fissure formation, establishment of the afferent topography, molecular pattern formation and patterned gene expression in the cerebellum In vivo, in vitro, Mouse [4, 6, 7, 9,10,11]
Cerebellar neurons and glia are estimated to be 105 billion in number and they are organized into superficial to deep layers in the cortex. Similarly, there are distinct sites of projection of afferent fibers in the cerebellum. These sites express distinct proteins Histology, Human [5, 12, 13]